Friday, March 25, 2011

The winner's of Frilly's
Friday Fun and Find Night:

1st prize $10 off you next order goes to Alice (acolbran)

2nd prize 15% off your next order goes to Lola

3rd prize 10% off your next order goes to Tamara

I hope everyone enjoyed the night of fun
Okay welcome to Frilly's
Friday Fun and Find Night:
There are 14 questions and the first person to comment back here on the blog with the correct answers will get a little prize.
I am going to send you to a few of my Sewing Sisters Pages who have kindly helped me with tonight festivities.
You must visit the pages and find the answer to their question and then you must visit Frilly's and find the answers to my questions.
A couple are a little tough  :)
Have fun!!  The only rule is to have fun, and while yes it is a race. If you are unsure of your answer check back over them. Just to make sure you are correct.
one) Suse from bysusehocking her question isWhat is the name of the butterbean with the robot flannelette body? 
two) Tanya from Pumpkin Snitch her question is
Tanya has a unique name for her nappy covers what is it?

three)Mel from MelliMoo Creations asks (this one is a little tricky)
what is the name of the apple singlets? 
four)Jane from lilpipdesigns asks  (also just a little bit tricky)How many Boobooks has Lil Pip made since starting in August 2010?

five)Bel from littlesewandsews her question
What did William name his Melly & Me Dragon soft toy?

six)Mel from selkiesmithdesign her quesion is
what is the name of the of the bag in photo 33 in the Yorkiepies?

seven)Michelle from Mscutebottoms
 asks (this one is tricky)
The newest addition to M's Cute Bottoms weight was?
eight)Holly from PuppyDogsTails asksWhat is the name of the first item from our winter range in that was previewed in the Feb 22 Market night?
nine)Bec from babychilli her question is (very tricky)
Im on sale now and a friend of Mickey.

Now moving onto FrillysDesigns questions
ten)   What was the date that Frilly opened her doors on FB?              
eleven)   Other than her puppy what is Frilly’s most favourite animal?       
twelve)   Not including Frilly’s puppy how many children does she have?      This does not include her hubby!!                                          
thirteen)   What is the name on the 13 flag bunting?    

Other than facebook where does frilly sell her items?     

Now remember you will have to visit each other the facebook pages by following the link and search for the answers to their questions some a just a little tricky.

Good Luck and have fun. 
There are 3 prizes up on offer from Frilly's range:
1st $10 off your next order
2nd 15% off your next order
3rd 10% off your next order
**this does not include postage

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Frilly Friday Fun and Find Night

To celebrate 1000 likers
Frilly is having some Friday night fun and games.
With a little bit of help from some of her sewing sisters.

You will be given some questions and you will need to head off
and find the answers.

So who will be joining in the fun???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're going a huntin

"Treasure Hunting" 
We have to celebrate reaching 1000 likers at Frilly's FB page.
Frilly is going to dress in her best 
Elmer Fudd Costume
 When I hear you ask!   Friday Night 8pm EDST...

Stay tuned to Frilly's blog for more details.