Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frillys Studio overhaul.

Just over two years ago we moved into our new home.
This is the clean slate that I was lucky enough to start with 

View of left side of the studio
View of right side of the studio
Wow looking at this it's hard to imagine this room was anything like this.
The room is about 3.5m long and 2.75m wide     
Then it resembled something like this

the shelves either side of the window just
weren't right and very annoying.
Although there was lots of storage on this wall,
everything was just thrown in the baskets and nothing
was really sorted but all that was about to change.
It was a total nightmare, nothing was put in it's home.
OH hang on most of it didn't have a home, I had so much clutter of bits and pieces that I didn't use and didn't need.
I had my friend Deb pop over to help me get started and we moved everything out of the studio and onto the kitchen floor and dining table and I started with almost a clean slate again.
We had 3 piles
to keep | to sell | to give away

I have given the give away pile to charity and the sell pile will appear in Frillys store soon.

Then started the week long task of sorting everything out, buying some more baskets, jars and any storage items that I just needed to have.
Then I went to our local bunnings store and purchased timber and came home and built these amazing shelves.

for the left side of the window
for the right side of the window
Yes I have shocked some around me with how handy I am with a drop saw, drill, glue, nails, paint brush and a hammer and with a millimeter to spare the shelves went in each side of the window.

Each day I did a little bit more until it actually started to resemble the studio I wanted.

Here is the view now from the door way towards the window and how amazing does it look.
The most exciting thing is that I have been able to bring my embroidery machine in from 

the laundry.

And the view from the door to the right side of the room.
Everything now has a home and everything has been sorted just how I have always dreamed of having it. All storage boxes, baskets and jars are labelled yes a little "ocd"

Before I had finished I had a light bulb moment about a couple of little storage ideas, one was next to my sewing machine and one on my cutting table so I will share them with you.


I made the storage box for my scissors, bobbins and bits and pieces out of an MDF box, with two mdf pencil boxes, 3 round coasters, thread storage stand from spotlight and glue, screws and painted it white and then added a spinning bottom and there we have it. The ruler stand is just made from 4 off cuts of timber that I cut to size again with the drop saw and sew bench to get the right thickness.
I am now in love with my room.

 So what do you think of Frillys new studio space.

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's been awhile!

It has been far to long since I have done a blog post.
So I thought it was time that I put the virtual pen to paper.
A lot has happened since I last wrote to you all.
We have moved and I am not sure if we are settled in yet.
Still lots of boxes in the shed, and I am still sorting out my studio.
But we are here and we are happy.

There are some new products at Frilly's
Peg Bunting
These can be hung on a wall or door 
and used to hold photo's, notes or invitations.

 Mini Bunting
Personalised with Names 
and they become great for bedroom doors

Framed Bunting.
These are fast becoming my my favourite product.

Chalk Cloth Bunting
These come in 2 sizes 5 flags or 10.
You can write your own personalised message on them 
in chalk.

♥ Frilly

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Right now I am asking myself who's idea was it to sell up and move off our farm and into town.

Oh that's right hubby's!!
Because I know that I cannot fully take the blame.
It's an idea we have been tossing around for a couple of years.
Kids getting older, the 3 older ones have lives of their own!
We barely see or hear from them.
So it seemed like a good idea to scale down in size.
Reduce some debt (you know how the story goes)

But one Monday morning over a cup of coffee it was not news I was expecting to hear.
 Hubby almost wore my coffee all over him when he came out and said
 "I think we should sell up and move into town with no land"
So then within the hour the realestate agent had been called he was coming to have a look and then before I can blink it's on the market.  Then hubby goes back to his work in the outback for another 4 weeks and I think I am still sitting at the kitchen table scratching my head.

Where does one start!!
At the beginning I guess
But wow this is one huge home and Frilly has more crap good stuff, to pack a truck all on her own.

Now we are 5 days away from moving and it has just hit me we are not packed yet.
Hubby is on his way home from his job in the outback and I am not sure he is ready for what he is about to walk in on.

I just wished it looked like this, there are boxes everywhere.

They say it is up there with death and divorce, and since I have gone through both more times than I would like to mention.
 They are RIGHT

Wouldn't it just be a darn sight easier if we could just do this?

Surely it would be easier.

Well if you don't hear from me over the next week or two

I have

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spelling and Grammar

"I know my grammar and spelling are not the best in the world, but when you are operating a business or trying to get someone to take you serious. Please use proper grammar and yeah, nup, dude, man, cool gr8 m8 and so on so forth are not good enough. Call me a prude."
This was my personal Facebook status just a little while ago.

I belong to a few groups on Facebook and
"one dude was there tryn to pro his business".
I am sorry you are what.
What is wrong with "Hi there my name is "" and I would like you all to know that I am running a business and it is called XYZ and if you are interested you can call me on ......."

He then responded with "yeh man I cum get rid of ya sht for ews."

There is no room in Business for that sort of talk. It drives me mad.
As one of my lovely friends Belinda put it so perfectly
agree for sure! Not that you are a prude LOL, but there is no place for slang and text speak in business :) unless its the word AWESOME ;)
I do not care if you use LOL, ROFL and a few smiley faces.
But please speak proper English it is not that difficult, I do believe it is still taught at school here in Australia.
Oh and use a spell checker, if you do not have one download one they are free.
Please also remember we are in Australia and we have totally different spelling to the US.
I have to keep reminding my children it is Zed not Zee!

Oh and we use an "S" more often than not!
It is tyre not tire
We also spell it colour, neighbour, behaviour
I know I am guilty of wanting to hit the "like" button on an email or in a real life conversation saying LOL.
But when it comes to business I really try hard to be correct.

Okay stepping off now


Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Changes

I have officially become the new owner of OZ Handmade and therefore there needs to be some changes around Frillys Designs to make both businesses work.

Some of the changes to Frillys Designs will be the range I have on offer.

I will be limiting my range to Towels/Facewashers, Bunting Flags, Quilts (cot size to begin with), prints for loved ones and personalised embroidery.

These are the things I most enjoy doing. So I will continue to do so.
If there is anything else you you want/need I will consider doing if time permits.

I feel this is in the best interest of both OZ Handmade and Frillys Designs.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I have played!

Do you enjoy playing with different things and putting your stamp on them?
Today I have played with my blogger background. Found a few jpegs re-coloured
them into Frilly's colours opened photoshop and played.
I want to add some sewing quotes to the background but need to research more.

I often play with my logo and see what else I can come up with.

As many of you know Elephants are my favourite animal.
Next to Oscar my puppy (cannot really call him a puppy any more he is two)
and our Cat Rover, why rover your may ask.
It's actually very simple you don't mess with him he weighs about 10kg.
Is not classed as over weight as he is big all over. His nose is even huge.
So because he thinks he is a dog we named him rover.
Rover likes to be feed before anyone else in the family and often if you have
forgotten this, he does have a way of reminding you.
He will walk up to you and give you a little nip on the back of the ankles or
maybe your toes. It does not hurt, but you know it's coming and it makes you
a little nervous. 
Like this morning I was getting the kids lunches and had forgotten "Rover"
but the pantry was open. He walked in and put his head in the dog treat box
and proceeded to eat a chicken smacko. 
He does provide us with hours of enjoyment.
(sorry back to the original post got a little carried away)

Elephants that is where I was.
Are they not amazing graceful creatures.
I am not sure why I love them so.
But there are in my garden and in my home.
But today I have taken them out of my blogger logo.
But left them as my profile pic.

I hope you like my new blogger back ground.

Here is Rover guarding the Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve 2010
notice the paw on his present.

Have a great week

Saturday, April 30, 2011

1st May 2011

A day of Reflection

What does May 1st mean to you?
To some it's May day, to others it's just another day.
To me it is a day of reflection.

It is a bitter sweet day!
A day where I think about the many joys in my life
and it is also a day of much sorrow.

I thought I would share with you why the day
is such a huge one to me.

First of all it is the Day my mum was born.
On May1st 1937 Margery Davies came into the world
she was the 3rd and last child for my amazing grandparents.
I think Nana was so excited to have a little
girl after 2 boys.

Here is a photo of mum holding my first born "Blake"
he is two days old. The date is 14th December 1996 

 She was so proud to hold her first grandchild in her arms.
I look back at that this photo and wish I knew then
what I know now.
You see mum was to pass away 9 weeks later.
She was 59, I was 28 and the date was
14th February 1997.
Valentines day 1997 mum chose to be reunited with
He had passed away 16th September 1977 I was 8.

When I meet Drew in March 2004
little did I know I would marry him, and our 2 families would become one.
On December 25th 2004 he asked me to marry him.
Here is a photo of the two of us on our wedding day.

The day was May1st 2005.

Last year my amazing Nana aged 96 got sick.
She was still living on her own.
Taking care of everything for herself.
She was amazing I loved her to bits.
Since Mum had passed away she was
not only Nana but Mum as well.
When I was worried or had news to celebrate
she was the first to know.
I would sit with her and she would help me solve the
problems of the world.

Here is a photo of her with us on her 96th Birthday
24th January 2010.

Sadly Nan passed away
on May1st 2010
Mum's 73rd Birthday.
She was reunited with her baby girl.

So now you understand why May1st is such a bitter sweet day.
A day of reflection.

You see these two woman are who helped me
become who I am today.
They nurtured me they made be believe I could do anything that I wanted and more!
They are the reason I love to sew.
They are the reason I followed my dreams.
They are the reason behind
Frillys Designs.

Frilly's Designs is a tribute to them
and my amazing husband.