Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frillys Studio overhaul.

Just over two years ago we moved into our new home.
This is the clean slate that I was lucky enough to start with 

View of left side of the studio
View of right side of the studio
Wow looking at this it's hard to imagine this room was anything like this.
The room is about 3.5m long and 2.75m wide     
Then it resembled something like this

the shelves either side of the window just
weren't right and very annoying.
Although there was lots of storage on this wall,
everything was just thrown in the baskets and nothing
was really sorted but all that was about to change.
It was a total nightmare, nothing was put in it's home.
OH hang on most of it didn't have a home, I had so much clutter of bits and pieces that I didn't use and didn't need.
I had my friend Deb pop over to help me get started and we moved everything out of the studio and onto the kitchen floor and dining table and I started with almost a clean slate again.
We had 3 piles
to keep | to sell | to give away

I have given the give away pile to charity and the sell pile will appear in Frillys store soon.

Then started the week long task of sorting everything out, buying some more baskets, jars and any storage items that I just needed to have.
Then I went to our local bunnings store and purchased timber and came home and built these amazing shelves.

for the left side of the window
for the right side of the window
Yes I have shocked some around me with how handy I am with a drop saw, drill, glue, nails, paint brush and a hammer and with a millimeter to spare the shelves went in each side of the window.

Each day I did a little bit more until it actually started to resemble the studio I wanted.

Here is the view now from the door way towards the window and how amazing does it look.
The most exciting thing is that I have been able to bring my embroidery machine in from 

the laundry.

And the view from the door to the right side of the room.
Everything now has a home and everything has been sorted just how I have always dreamed of having it. All storage boxes, baskets and jars are labelled yes a little "ocd"

Before I had finished I had a light bulb moment about a couple of little storage ideas, one was next to my sewing machine and one on my cutting table so I will share them with you.


I made the storage box for my scissors, bobbins and bits and pieces out of an MDF box, with two mdf pencil boxes, 3 round coasters, thread storage stand from spotlight and glue, screws and painted it white and then added a spinning bottom and there we have it. The ruler stand is just made from 4 off cuts of timber that I cut to size again with the drop saw and sew bench to get the right thickness.
I am now in love with my room.

 So what do you think of Frillys new studio space.


  1. Oh sigh. I wish I could have a space like this. Instead I have my little Horn sewing cabinet as my beside table. One day!!

    Looks amazing!

  2. Thank you ladies, I am in love with my studio again and know that some amazing new creations are going to come from here in the near future and it is still this clean.