Monday, May 30, 2011

I have played!

Do you enjoy playing with different things and putting your stamp on them?
Today I have played with my blogger background. Found a few jpegs re-coloured
them into Frilly's colours opened photoshop and played.
I want to add some sewing quotes to the background but need to research more.

I often play with my logo and see what else I can come up with.

As many of you know Elephants are my favourite animal.
Next to Oscar my puppy (cannot really call him a puppy any more he is two)
and our Cat Rover, why rover your may ask.
It's actually very simple you don't mess with him he weighs about 10kg.
Is not classed as over weight as he is big all over. His nose is even huge.
So because he thinks he is a dog we named him rover.
Rover likes to be feed before anyone else in the family and often if you have
forgotten this, he does have a way of reminding you.
He will walk up to you and give you a little nip on the back of the ankles or
maybe your toes. It does not hurt, but you know it's coming and it makes you
a little nervous. 
Like this morning I was getting the kids lunches and had forgotten "Rover"
but the pantry was open. He walked in and put his head in the dog treat box
and proceeded to eat a chicken smacko. 
He does provide us with hours of enjoyment.
(sorry back to the original post got a little carried away)

Elephants that is where I was.
Are they not amazing graceful creatures.
I am not sure why I love them so.
But there are in my garden and in my home.
But today I have taken them out of my blogger logo.
But left them as my profile pic.

I hope you like my new blogger back ground.

Here is Rover guarding the Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve 2010
notice the paw on his present.

Have a great week

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