Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello everyone.
Wow April already this year is certainly running along at full speed.
My baby just turned 11 and I am sure it was only last year she actually
arrived into this world. She was such a cute little bubba.
Now she is what she thinks is a young lady.
11 going on 21.

Well there are going to be some changes to Frilly's.
Starting the 1st of May,
After some expert marketing advice Frilly's is going to wind back on
all the creations.
I will still make all the things I do now, just they will have to be requested.
I will not advertise them.
I am going to concentrate on my most favourite things and the ones you love the most.

Bunting Flags
Towels/Face washer/Sets
Satin Comfort Blankey's
Baby Blankets.

I will only be taking 10 custom spots a month.

I will work on getting some ready made items happening where you can
"Add a Name here"
Once payment has cleared if will then be posted the next day.

I am going to really work on getting designs and fabric samples for my buntings and satin blankets uploaded.
So it is just a matter of  you picking A,B and C and I get to it.

I want to make things less confusing for you the customer.

Please make sure you visit Frilly's on Facebook and my OZ Handmade Store.

I would like to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

Have an awesome day