Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Can I just say I am so proud to be an Aussie.

We are not even into February and we have already had one disaster after another here in Australia. 
Floods in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.
Fires in Perth.
On the 10th January I finally got to have surgery that I have wanted to the past 10 years and after it had been cancelled on December 13th. I got to have a 5 day stay in hospital and am at home now recovering. I am not aloud to drive for 4 weeks and no house work for 6 weeks. I am enjoying being treated as a queen in my own home :) But this no driving thing takes some organising.
Then today my husband who works in W.A got to experience his first ever Cat2 Cyclone Bianca.  I was a little scared and although he wasn't saying so I think he was too.
I knew he would be okay but I still worried.
Then to top things on Monday 17th January 2011, a very dear friend passed away very suddenly and very unexpected.
Kylie was an amazing lady who made the most amazing cakes and called a spade a spade but was a huge part of a circle of amazing ladies.  
There is a huge gap in our lives from her passing.
On Monday 24th January at 1.30pm we said our goodbyes to our dear friend and then released purple balloons in her honour.

On the front of Frilly's Designs well not a lot has really happened since Christmas.
But today I got in my sewing room for a little while and cleaned up a little and sorted out some fabric I had purchased. 
Ready to get back into it tomorrow.
I think I finally have a cutting table.
There are going to be some big changes at Frilly's Designs this year.
I plan to release 3 new things to Frilly's Range.
Clothing being one of them.
But just what will be the surprise.
Leave a comment of just what you would like to see.

In February there will be a big surprise so stay tuned.
Anyway that's it for now.
I hope your Australia Day was great.
The weather here was not that fantastic, misty rain for most of it and quite cool.
But we did catch up with Friends for a BBQ of snags in bread for tea.
I will leave you with something that a friend posted on their FB page that I just had to borrow and share.

You know your Australian can decifer "yeah nah" , your mates are shazza and dazza, goin down to see acca dacca and get maccas in ya trackies. You once lived in whoop whooop, your mates XF falcon died in the arse and you understand no wuckin furries is a good thing! Have a great Astraya Day everyone, repost if ya wanna mate....

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